Deknot Is Even Better With August Features

It's been a while since you first accompanied DeKnot. I think it is also time for us to refresh and upgrade ourselves with some new features.

It’s been a while since you first accompanied DeKnot. I think it is also time for us to refresh and upgrade ourselves with some new features.

DeKnot has always remembered from the very first days we created DeKnot that improving every day is one of our operational philosophies. All current updates, therefore, follow these principles.

All these new features won’t change the nature of DeKnot and what you love. All the updates are meant to make your work easier and more efficient. Thus, in this edition, there is nothing more complex.

Big Improvements

  • The search result will bring x3 websites than before: You can now see more websites and emails in your search result because we have already level-up our algorithm to a new step.
  • Built-in link-building strategies right in the search bar: You can now find a linkable website with your favorite strategies without entering the operator. DeKnot will optimize the search term based on your keyword and strategy to give you the better result.
Built-in link-building strategies – How would you like to build backlinks?
  • Import your own URLs to a favorite list: You now can import your URLs to a favorite list, and DeKnot will find contact info and website metrics for you. You can both import to a new list or an existing list.
Import your own URLs
  • Outreach campaigns:
New Campaign UI
  1. You can now create an outreach campaign from your search history or your favorite list.
  2. After your campaign was sent, you can set the status for each “Send” to track the campaign performance and follow up easily For example, you can set the status to “Won” if you already got a backlink from a website.
  3. You can also add expense for the backlink you won. From that, you can manage the budget for the whole project.
Set status for each “Send”

Minor Improvements

  • Website platform filter. We now add a new filter so that you can filter the websites based on their platforms such as Blog (WordPress) or E-commerce.
  • We change the layout to display the website list to show more information like Page Title, URL, etc.
  • You now can search websites on the campaign detail page; just enter the page title or URL.
  • We moved Email Accounts, Email Templates, Fakers from the main navigation to the utility menu on the right and The Usage in the Team setting dropdown.
  • Re-crawl contacts: What if some Blog pages update contact info and you can’t contact them? The Re-crawl contacts button can solve this problem for you.

Now that’s all, thank you for being so patient. Click here and experience these new features for yourself.

Please keep in mind that if you face any difficulties, we’re always here to help.

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